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After the five day training, each trainee will be fully certified to repair the following:

* Antenna replacement

* Broken screen (LCD) and digitizer replacement

* Microphone

* Speaker

* Power switch

* Battery connector

* Ring tone

* Headset connector

* Charging Port

* Keypad malfunction

* Sim card connector

* Volume switch

* Water damaged phone

* PA Repair

* Signal Generator

* Keypad light

* Housing replacement

* Flex cable & ribbons

* Tracking ball replacement (for blackberry)

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5 days.

3 level course.

reserve online. now.

all year round.

5 spots.

Be a Part of the Growing Cell Phone Repair Business. Train and Get Certified.

We, as trainers, will not only make sure that you finish your assignment. We see to it that they are done to the high standards of our training center.

Ninety-five percent (95%) of this class is hands on training. You will be working on real phones from day one, using the same equipment and tools that the PROS use every day. In addition, we will share all our knowledge with you and show you all the tricks to cell phone repair.

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Small Training Class.

Our five day courses are specially designed to accommodate just five students at a time. This makes it more manageable and gives each student a more one on one mentoring/teaching process. This tremendously leads to better learning and hands on training among the participants. All our trainers are certified and experienced in the field of cellphone repair.

We have the confidence to assure our trainees that what we are sharing in this three level course is nothing but the best.

See and experience the difference. Learn in our repair courses. Get certified. Book your repair course with us. To reserve, click here.




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